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Video Caddie is an aerial course tour utilizing preferred target lines, yardage markers, landing zones, areas to avoid, green mapping, commentary and more.  The tour of each hole will start at eye level so that players will see the exact view they will be faced with on the tee box, as well as the preferred target line. Landing zones will be marked with yardage markers, required carry distances when needed, and yardage to the green. Any areas to avoid will be highlighted and mentioned in the commentary. Information important for approach shots such as elevation, misses to avoid, etc. will also be highlighted and mentioned. Each green will be mapped with high and low points as well as animated arrows showing the slope. All information and commentary comes directly from the course or club to ensure that players are getting key insights and strategies from those who know the course best.


VIDEO CADDIE for Golfers


Every golfer has been there... You are playing a course you don't know that well, and you hit what you think is a good shot until you get to your ball. You could be just out of bounds, have a blocked approach, faced with an awkward lie, etc. Had you been more familiar with the course and known the best strategy for the hole you would be in much better shape, and that is where Video Caddie comes in. Our goal is simple; If you have never played a course and watch our Video Caddie you will know exactly how to plan and execute your round, ensuring you play your best golf.

VIDEO CADDIE for Golf Courses

Video Caddie is a powerful marketing tool for courses and clubs to drive more players and members to you. Let's say a golfer is choosing whether to play your course or two others. The player has never played any of the 3 courses and visits your website and sees that you have a full in depth course tour showcasing the beauty, design, layout, and strategy of every hole on your course. The golfer then goes to the other two courses website and sees only a scorecard at one, and a handful of mediocre pictures on the other. Which course do you think the golfer is most likely to choose?


The same goes for clubs seeking members. What a powerful way for clubs to market to prospective members. New members with little to no course knowledge are now at no disadvantage to those who have been members for 10 years. Your new members will be playing their best golf with the best strategies from tee to green on day one!